Demons are hateful animals living in Hell. They were formed by Humans in a civil war. They have the widest range of lands in Enthöria. Same as the Elves, they can only be killed in battle or by disease.

Race Demons
Proffesion Mage
Lifespan Immortal
Skin Colour Red
Weapon Themselves
Differentiates Red, horns
Heigh 5ft 8
Clans N/A
Lands Hell, underworld
                              ===Backround Story===

The demons were created by the Humans, in their civil war. Later on the Humans banished them to the deep mines below them. This only made them stronger, they forged their own lands and made a new race. The Demon. They then learned how to create weapons, armour and then magic. They created a new Profession called Mage. They then trained this to an expert level. Later on they made themselves enemy with the Humans, being that when the Humans are in battle they appear from the ground killing them then disappearing again.