Dwarves are small, strong and fierce. They live in the mountains to the south. They were created by the Knull race for mining.

Race Dwarves
Proffesion Warriors
Lifespan 100-200 Years
Skin Colour Pale
Weapon Axe
Differentiates Small, fierce
Height 5ft
Clans Durgrïnorst, Feldørnorm, Gerphanoram, Lœmardiston and Terackneršt
Lands Mountains to the South
                            ===Backround Story===

The Dwarves were brought to Enthöria by the Knull. They were formed for mining, something the Knull couldn't do. They then fled from the land, running away from the Knull. They fled to the south, into the mountains, creating five clans there. They forged there own lands protecting them fiercly. The Knull soon decided to leave them alone. The Dwarves now live by themselves in deep mines in the Southern Mountains.