Elves are an immortal race that can only be killed in battle or by a disease. They are the fastest creatures on the planet and one of the best warriors. Elves were also the creators of the humans.

Race Elves
Proffesion Archer
Lifespan Immortal
Skin Colour Pale
Weapon Bow
Differentiates Immortal, tall and with pointed ears
Height 6ft
Clans N/A
Lands Forests

                              ===Backround Story===

The Elves has been around for so long, no one really knows of their creation. Although in dark times there was a civil war between the Elves. They split into two sides. One were the Elves today and the other were what we know as orcs. The orcs became orcs because one of the opposing elves decided to try and create a spell that would make them stronger but it backfired greatly. All the Elves on the opposing side were mutated into orcs.