Humans are one of the Races in the game. They are cunning and control most living creatures.

Race Humans
Proffesion WarLords
Lifespan 30-60 Years
Skin Colour White, Black, Tanned
Weapon Sword
Differentiates Mortal
Height 5ft 5
Clans N/A
Lands Anywhere apart from Extreme lands.

                             ===Backround Story===

"Humans were created long ago by the Elves for war. They soon became independant and ruled their own lands. There was once four seperate councils in the human lands. Each one ruled a separate part of the lands, they had small wars with each other, which in the end lead to one big civil war. They split into two sides, with two concils on each. In the end one side created a mutation which lead to the creation of the race Demons. When the war was over, the humans realised how much of a problem the Demons were. They banished them into the deep, dark mines below them but they soon created their own land. Hell. When the humans eventually had peace with each other, they created one council. Which ruled over them all. Later on when the humans allied with the Elves they created an alliance. It was called the Homosapien Alliance. This was the strongest and only alliance in the kingdom."