The Humaps are strong, sneaky and very good assassins. They are in the Homosapien alliance. They look half-human half-ape.

Race Humaps
Proffesion Assassins
Lifespan N/A
Skin Colour Orangy Brown.
Weapon Two Dagger like swords
Differentiates Large head and long arms
Height 4ft 5
Clans N/A
Lands Rainforests
                            ===Backround Story===

After the human race was born it turned out that these "animals" could evolve. The result was a Humap. There mind worked faster than the average human, they grew hair on their upper half and they could jump extreme distances. When the humans realised they could use this to their extent, they caged the animals and "trained" them to assassinate. They were brilliant assassins. When The Humaps brains developed they realised the humans were using them. They revolted very violently and killed a fair amount of humans. They then took to the baren lands To forge their own race. The humans then realised that allying with them would be to their advantage. They then invited the Humaps race to the Homosapien Alliance. The strongest alliance in Enthöria.