Orcs are a magical mutation from the elves when a spell went wrong. They don't live long but put up a fight for their entire lives. Orcs don't Have feelings so they will charge into battle without being frightened.

Race Orc
Proffesion Paladin
Lifespan 1 Year
Skin Colour Green
Weapon Hands, Teeth and sword
Differentiates Green, mindless
Height 5ft
Clans N/A
Lands Crevices in Baren Lands
                            ===Backround Story===

Orcs were once elves but then during dark times there was a civil war and all the elves split into two sides. The dark side (the elves that turn into orcs) had a powerful spellcaster who tried to make a spell that would make all of the dark side stronger but it backfired greatly. All the elves on the dark side were then turned into orcs. This ended in their demise as the elves ended up defeating the orcs and banishing them to fiery pits and and crevices.